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Entry #1

Countdown to Stuffworld

2010-08-29 22:43:44 by yoshimickster

As I go into my third college semester, I feel a strong sense of lacking. Lacking what you may or may not be asking? A WEBSITE FOR THE GREATEST WEBCOMIC EVER CREATED! This webcomic goes by one name: Stuffworld! I do not know how much longer it will take me to make it, but I will promise you this: IT SHALL BE AWE-STRIKING! Well most anyway, I did make most of these in High school. But Definitely by this or next year- I SHALL SHOCK AND AWE YOUR ASSES OFF!


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2011-04-30 21:02:17

lol sounds awesome


2011-08-06 09:46:25

Good luck! Put some real effort in and it will be awesome!